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The Two Headed Coconut

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*Two headed coconuts and other multiheaded coconuts do exist and are a rare phenomenon in nature.

In a lovely stretch of beach, in an island known to you and me, lived an army of coconut trees. These coconut trees were well known for the importance of their job, standing tall and proud. They were the barrier, the first line of defence from high winds, storms and hurricanes. They would bough in the wind and be uprooted, sacrificing their lives, to temper the strength of the storm before it reached inland where it could do greater damage.
While these trees were proud of their job they were especially proud of their appearance. They framed the coastline, adding a special touch against the sunset, posing in all their glory for visitors. They were all alike, each one almost the twin of the other. It felt good to be part of the crowd, to be the same, as they swayed in the wind together.
As nature would sometimes have it, something radical and very different is sometimes created. Farzan was one of those special creations. The first day his young green shoot poked through the dry coconut shell, all the other trees started gossiping. What a sight! Two heads! Who was the mother of this oddity? The split in the shoot was distinct; he was clearly two-headed. At first he did not understand all the murmuring, he tried to talk to the other trees, jovial and naive in his approach, wanting nothing more than to belong to this mighty army, this family of coconut trees.
It was not long before he became familiar with sarcasm and ridicule. The other trees had different opinions; some thought themselves superior, others feared Farzan's differences and were averse to him and yet others scorned him, thinking him ugly. And as Farzan grew, he stopped trying to talk to the other coconut trees, instead he stretched as straight up as he could, avoiding the other trees, his two heads towering above all the rest.
It so happened that one tourist spotted Farzan's two heads sticking up although his trunk was hidden in the midst of all the other coconut trees. This tourist was a world renowned botanist and became excited when he saw Farzan. He started snapping many pictures of him. The other trees were alarmed, why was Farzan so special? The botanist called many of his friends, who came from all over the world to take many pictures of Farzan.
Farzan was in awe. He was beautiful to these people. He was unique. He was a rare find. People were fortunate to have found him. These were some of the things that were being said. Finally, photographers from a famous nature magazine came and took pictures of him and placed a special plaque on his trunk. It read "Two Headed Coconut Tree: A Rare and Unique Creation". The other trees were stunned. The murmuring started again. But this time they all wanted to be Farzan's friend. Farzan spent the rest of his days being the most admired of all the coconut trees where he had before only been scorned.

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