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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Connect with Nature

There's something enriching and powerful in opening our eyes and hearts to the effects of the often intangible threads of energy that move through this world. Among the most powerful and awe inspiring of those is that of Mother Earth. To connect with our planet we must surrender ourselves to its presence. That means shutting off our devices, our minds and retreating to the ocean side, the forest or a nice open park. To benefit fully from the experience do not think, do not speak, simply observe.
Walk if you prefer, barefoot is a must. Sit if you like, but only if you trace your fingers along your seat. Lie flat on your back, stare into the sky and listen. Immerse yourself. The earth's energy is a natural healer. Walking barefoot is no longer seen as the kooky, eccentric, bell jingling, tree hugger practice, but has scientifically been proven to increase antioxidants, reduce stress and improve sleep described as the science of "earthing".
Pregnant women would do well to explore the relaxing benefits of connecting with nature and using this free therapy to relax away all the strain that a growing bump puts on your body. A mild hike can do wonders to oxygenate your body with some fresh air, improve circulation and calm your mind. The sounds of the forest, waves crashing on the shore, the sharp smells of salty water, crisp dew, grass and flowers can do much to awaken your senses. Plus there's the added benefit during pregnancy your senses are especially heightened to double the pleasure! Don't forget it's a great time to spend with your partner too.
Speaking of kooky tree huggers it's actually not such a bad idea. It also goes to show science can prove just about anything. Research has found that hugging a tree can improve our health by altering vibrational frequency. As you practice so you should preach. Once you bring a baby into this world don't let go of these practices. Sunshine and the great outdoors are fantastic for developing a child's naturalist intelligence. Children function better cognitively and emotionally in nature and tend to have more creative play.
Postpartum depression is very real and whether or not you think you just have the "blues" do not take for granted the need to refresh and recharge to start rebalancing those hormones. Even if you are confined to your home, scientists recommend that simply stepping outside into bright sunlight can immediately act as an antidepressant. There is a significant release of endorphins when you step into nature, especially for a brisk walk. 
So the only question you should be asking yourself is, have you hugged a tree today?

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