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Friday, 10 October 2014

Baby Scrapbook

When I first came across the idea for a scrapbook, my first thought was, if only I had one of me. I would have loved to take a trip back in time and read all about my stats, my likes and dislikes and viewed some photos. Imagine how your child would feel to be able to see their own baby timeline in a book handcrafted just for them. There are lots of great ideas online for design and layout but there are a few key tips that you will want to follow if you want to try to make your own scrapbook.
1. Make sure you use lots of sheets of paper when making your book. Better to have more than less so when new ideas and extra photos need space it's there.
2. Get good quality paper that can stand the test of time. If you want to invest there are specialty paper in a variety of colors.
3. Make sure your binding of choice is strong. When you are finished you can always get professional hardcover binding done over the original to ensure it is well preserved.
4. Be sure to do lots of research to get good ideas on how to do a scrapbook that suits your tastes and that will stand up to the rigors of page flipping.

Aside from these rules of thumb, here are some of my ideas for headings and sections that should occupy those pages.
1. Basic stats; name (include who's idea it was or other potential suggestions for names that didn't make the mark), date of birth, time of birth, weight, length, who was the doctor or midwife. Be sure to leave a section in this part for autographs from loved ones. Keep the hospital bracelet and stick it in alongside an outline of handprints and footprints (just outline it in pen as baby's skin will be too sensitive for dyes).
2. A family tree. Get as big as research will allow, showing both sides of the family. Of course, you don't have to go overboard and start naming second cousins, but what may be interesting is the lineage of great grandparents and even great, great grandparents. For any one alive at the time of the birth try to pay a visit and get a photo as a keepsake.
3. A brief bio of mummy and daddy (you can get as detailed as you like), be sure to include what features and traits family members thought baby had in common with each parent.
4. Document the pregnancy details; foods you liked or disliked, the day mummy may have conceived (if this is known), the due date, ultrasound pics, all mummy's exciting body changes and challenges, how much weight mummy gained and how much weight daddy gained.
5. If you had a baby shower throw in details of the guest list and gifts.
6. Details of any initial religious observances or prayer meetings.
7. Baby's firsts: first smile, laugh out loud/giggle, sit up straight, crept, stood, walked, first tooth, slept through the night, first word, first time they said "mom/dad".
8. Favorite first foods, storybooks and songs.
9. The world around baby e.g. fashion trends, world leaders, popular songs.
10. The local price of bread, a tin of milk, diapers, a car...
11. First haircut.
12. First trip away from home/holiday.
13. First birthday.
14. First real mischief.

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